The most important pattern your Financial Advisor doesn't want you to see

Could make you rich!

In two minutes, you'll see a simple pattern most
financial advisors will NEVER show you.

You could use it to quickly find huge profit opportunities.
In fact, your profits could start tomorrow.

Dear Excited trader,

Just one pattern…

One simple pattern…

It could make you rich.

Most financial advisors – the kind that sell you life insurance and expensive pension plans - won’t ever show you this pattern.

For two reasons.

First, he thinks you wouldn’t understand it.

And second, he thinks it’s too much work to turn this pattern into profits for you, when collecting commission cheques from you is just so much easier!

I'm prepared to turn this pattern into gains.

I’ve been doing it for years.

Over and over again.

In fact, a select group of market-watchers who follow my research have had the chance to play this chart for consistent, repeatable gains throughout 2015.

I’ll introduce you to members of my hooked-in group in just a moment.

I’ll let them do the talking.

I’ll give them the chance to share their profit stories.

I’ll also show YOU how you could start profiting as early as this week from the one pattern, no advisor would ever show you.

This pattern – which is quite simple, really – could be your key to fast profits that could change your life.

It doesn’t matter if markets are up, down or drift sideways.

It doesn’t matter if unemployment, retail or housing is in good shape or bad shape. 

YOU could profit from this one pattern

Timon Rossolimos

Hello, my name is Timon Rossolimos.

I want to show you the pattern that could change your life.

Good luck getting a peek at this from a self-proclaimed ‘ financial advisor’.

Even if he could pick a winning trade, a typical financial advisor would rather prop his feet up and figure out new ways to “fee you” to death on Retirement Annuity commissions than ever show you this.

After all, most financial advisors are just salesmen for big financial institutions

Their job isn’t about deep stock analysis.

It’s about selling stock “inventory” and racking up commissions.

Most people don’t realise that this sort of financial advisor – might not have your best interest in mind, ever.

That’s the clincher… The reason why a financial advisor would never show you this chart…

So are you ready?


Want to start your own chance at potentially life-changing gains?


Here’s the chart most brokers won’t show you… 


Take a good look.

This chart was in a recent email I sent to my readers. Everything they needed to know to find fast gains is right here, right before your eyes, do you see it?

In the email I sent to my readers, I described a technical pattern I used to determine high-probability trades.

So told my readers to go buy the stock…

Just 10 days later, readers who chose to act could’ve grabbed a 74.51% gain.

That’s less than two weeks. And a 74.51% gain. 

Easy as pie.

When it was time to get in, my readers received simple instructions in a fast email.

When it was time to cash out of our trade, just 10 days later, I emailed again and told my readers exactly what to do.


In fact, the techniques I use to find these setups in stock charts are similar to those used by famous market legends like Jesse Livermore, Paul Tudor Jones, and Steven Cohen.

All of those guys – and countless other millionaires found huge success through stock chart analysis.

But until recently, these strategies remained hidden from people like you.

Today, I’m breaking the game wide open.

I can show you how simple stock charts could make you rich. 

Richer than you ever dreamed

Become a member today!

Here’s exactly how easy it is…

You might want to sit down for this – this is a truly amazing wealth creation secret you won’t see anywhere else…

On the 8th of January 2015 I sent an email to my elite list of readers.

Inside, I gave them all the details on Barclays, the multinational banking giant.
Barclays was the perfect profit chance for my elite group of traders…

It was so perfect, in fact, that I couldn’t wait to hit SEND on my email on the 8th January. See my chart below…

Big profit from Barclays Group



My recommendation was simple, I told my readers to buy geared shares. I quickly gave my reasons I thought why Barclays was a screaming buy.
Then, just 20 days later, on 28 January 2015 I sent my readers another short email.

In this email, I told readers to sell. What was the result?

The result was an 89.78% gain in just 20 days. That’s an extraordinary gain! Gains like that grow your retirement nest egg one month to the next!

Become a member today!

Then there was the alert I sent about Netcare.

From the 30th of January through to the 13th February – just 14 days – you could’ve made 73.63% with Netcarethe healthcare titan of South Africa.


Outstanding 73.63% gains on
     Netcare in 14 days


The 73.63% gains on Netcare were excellent.  You see, my approach works best by aiming for frequent, short-term wins.
That’s how I built my high-gain “batting average!”

Over the last three months I’ve banked my readers a total 163.41% gain.

Now… I’m opening all my trade secrets up to you…

Secrets that could help you make 89.78% gains in just 20 days!

Now we’re talking!

And it is so easy to do!

This 89.78% gain happened in a mere 20 days from 8th January to 28th January.

I recommended that my readers make one simple move on a stock and just a few days later I told readers to close out that move for a 89.78% gain!

Imagine if you had grown your cash by 89.78% in less than three weeks! WOW!

My ”VIP” group has those slow gains beat! Small, nimble stocks are the answer!

Become a member today!

Here’s just a few of my elite group’s recent gains…

Recent "Get Rich" gains
You could've booked...

The cold, hard truth is you can get rich.

You can get rich by “working” just five minutes a week.

You can get rich with very little cash – Just a few hundred bucks – to start.

You can get rich without any special market skills, know-how, or connections. It’s easier than you ever imagined.

I can prove it.

But maybe you still think that these gains I’m showing you, impressive as they are – you’re thinking that they’re too SMALL to really make you rich.

Am I right? Well – let me put your worries to rest right now.

It’s not the size of the wins that matters. It’s the frequency.

Not only have I mastered a unique, secret way to deliver huge gains – I’ve also locked onto a market “trick” famous investors use to book gains over and over again.

It all boils down to not how much you make in gains – but how often you make gains. And how quickly…

It’s true. You don’t need to bag tons of quadruple digit gains to get rich.

(Even though I’ll show you in a minute how you CAN book mega-home runs with the gain–generating discovery I’ve perfected…)

It doesn’t take huge wins to get rich. It just takes wins. Consistent wins. Quick wins.

They’ll get you there. They could make you rich.
In fact, I’ve spent over a decade perfecting a strategy to crank out win after win… With a 70% success rate.

It’s a strategy I’m finally ready to open up to more than just my elite “inner circle”…

I’ll give you all the details in just a second…

But first, back to those wins. And my amazing discovery. It’s critical to how you could retire rich in as little as a few years…

Remember – it’s not the size of your wins that matter. It’s the frequency

Let’s say you start with R10,000. And you grow your total by 1% every single day.

How much money do you have at the end of one year?

Would you believe you’d have R122,740? That’s a 1% gain each day of the 252 trading days in the markets each year.

1% growth per day – making just 1 measly percent per day – is like a 1,127% gain over the course of a full 252 trading days a year.

Let me put that in perspective…

If you started with R50,000 on the first trading day, you’d have R613,700 by the holidays.

If you started with R100,000 you’d have R1,227,400. That’s real money. That’s huge!

If you started with R300,000 you’d have R3,682,200.

Now here’s the catch. 1% really isn’t that much.

Sure, you have to be consistent – but 1% gains pop up often.

So let’s say you can find a way to do 2% a day, on average.

If you could average 2% a day instead of 1% a day – suddenly R10,000 becomes R1,469,740.94 when the holidays roll around.

And R50,000 to start is now R7,348,740.70. You can see where this is going….

R100,000 is now R14,697,490.40.

That’s almost R15 million.

There’s the power of “compounding” at work!

Almost R15 million in a year- that’d be a huge retirement nest egg boost, wouldn’t it?

Remember frequency. It’s not the size of the gain that matters. It’s the frequency.

And what happens when you combine frequency with a 70% win rate? You have a chance to become very wealthy. Very quickly.

Become a member today!

Here’s those gains again that you could’ve booked just in the past few weeks…

Recent "Get Rich" gains you
could've booked...

 That’s an awesome line of wins, big frequent gains like these will put you on easy street. Yes I do have a few losers too. But even when you factor them in you still get the chance to rack in frequent wins.

Here’s how easy it is…

1.    First, I send you the emails recommending when to buy and sell.
2.    Second, you “work” five minutes a week. You can place my buys and sells, if you choose to act, over the phone or with your home computer. It’s up to you.
3.    Third, you can bag FREQUENT gains from the fastest – moving stocks on the market.

I’m even prepared to reveal to you exactly HOW I do it…

This is the secret. This is the brand new way to get rich. What you’re about to see is what’s taken me my entire “market life” to develop, test, and master.

Now, I’m ready to open it all up to you. A simple stock chart tells the story…

Let’s take another look at that impressive chart from Barclays again.

Everything you need to know about how you can rake in huge, fast retirement-ready wealth is in this one stock chart.

This is amazing.

It’s a true wealth creation secret…

And starting right now, it all belongs to YOU!

Become a member today!

Here’s that profit chart again…


See I’ve noted a support and resistance profit pattern in the chart, that’s what made me fire off an email alert and tell folks to buy Barclays.
Understanding the chart pattern like this, helps me figure out which stocks are ready to move. Using the stocks that follow this pattern is how I keep my 70% win rate and keep the profits rolling to you.

I’ve been studying chart patterns all day, every day since I was in high school.

In the markets, we call identifying these patterns “technical analysis.”

The secret to profiting with technical analysis is simple.

My personal technical analysis technique is called the Storm Strategy. I invented it. I built it. I scour the markets for you…

It’s helping me show my elite group profits even as I speak to you today…

Now, it could have you working in just five minutes a week and retiring rich.

Here’s how Storm works…

Screen – I screen hundreds of stocks with advanced software to find patterns. I use technical analysis tools like Support and Resistance to find stocks ready for a breakout. Now don’t worry, you don’t need to know any of this to profit from Red Hot Storm Trader.

Trend – My screening tools help me determine the trend of a stock. This can give me a clear view of where a particular stock should head in the next few weeks. The key I’m looking for when I’m trying to discover a trend is a stock that has room to pop.

After all, there’s no sense trading a stock that’s already shot to the sky. I want to get in at the start of a big move up, not the end.

Optimal Price levels – Optimal price levels pinpoint the likely direction of a stock’s motion.

I get these levels through a combination of traditional valuation and support and resistance lines.

Basically support is like the floor and resistance is like the ceiling for a share. Using these “floor” and ceiling” levels together with what I value the share at, I can sometimes predict with great accuracy how big a move will be – before it even happens!

I have a private, expensive computer program that runs hundreds of scans for me to crunch stocks to find the best optimal price levels. Just accessing this database costs me over R10,000 a year.

Risk Management. This one’s simple. Once I find the plays that stand the best chance of delivering healthy gains...

I use a series of formulas to figure out the best price to get out of the play.

The easy way to explain it is to tell you that you always know your predicted upside – and downside – before you ever make a move.

So I cut losers off quickly. Only clear winners get the chance to ride to big gains.

My promise is simple. My risk management strategy relies on maths, not emotion or hope.
Finally, there’s the Motion of the stock. How strongly is it moving up? How quickly? Is this move likely to last? Is there time to get in and out with a fast gain?

If all my proprietary work pays off and the signals are still screaming BUY…

Then and only then do I recommend the play.

It works. You simply receive a Storm alert email from me, put the play in place if you choose, and potentially smack it into the stands for a FREQUENT, short–term gain.

Storm has taken me over a decade to build. It’s the achievement of my career.

Become a member today!

Today, I want to use Storm for YOU!

In fact, my charts are stuffed with profit chances I want to send to you!

But I know that before I tell you how to get Storm plays for yourself, I should tell you my story…

Ten years ago, I didn’t believe trading could be simple... 

I thought successful traders used complex trading systems that required a PhD to understand…
I believed the only way to make a reasonable income from trading was if you were chained to your trading screen 24/7... I wasted hours at my computer screen pouring over company data and market analysis so dry, they made rusks look like ice-cream in comparison…
I believed the myth that only 20% of traders will ever be successful and the rest of us were just fuelling their gains…
But I couldn’t have been more wrong!
If you want to be a successful trader, you need to keep things simple
In my pursuit of a winning trading plan, I studied (and put into action) just about every trading method out there… 
I read over 120 trading books… 
And attended so many trading seminars the number would make your head spin…
I was even mentored by some of the most influential traders in the country – including Igor Marinkovic (SA’s most successful ALSI trader) and mechanical trader extraordinaire Tim De Bois…
The result? 
I discovered one thing: If you want to make money trading you need to keep it simple. 
And recently, I’ve used this simplistic view on making money to help investors like you make even more money – In an even shorter period of time.

As I hope I’ve proven to you today, I base my work on REAL research. I don’t ‘throw darts at a board’. I would never, ever trade that way.

That’s what led me to start creating the Storm strategy when I came to work for FSP Invest.

Today, I’m pulling back the curtain on Storm.

And introducing my research alert service, Red Hot Storm Trader.

You get research alert emails.

You get the full scoop on how I use the Storm strategy to deliver frequent gains.

You get updates on all my recommendations. You get weekly market wrap-ups.

But most importantly, you get a chance to “work” just five minutes a week!

And possibly retire wealthier than you ever imagined… SOONER than you ever dreamed!

A year from now, you could remember this moment as the moment everything changed.

You could remember this moment – and this fast presentation from me – as the moment you took charge of your future and started your path to a posh retirement.

In fact, here’s EXACTLY what Red Hot StormTrader members have recently written in to tell me about their own rapid wealth accumulations…

“I made a 21% return and R3,000 in a few days. In my next trade I made a 28% return in 10 days. Thank you!” -Don W

"I started using your service two months ago and I've made gains of 93.07%!"-Thabo 

These folks GET IT.

They understand that it’s FREQUENCY of gains from stocks that build REAL wealth.

This is exactly what the Storm strategy is designed to deliver!

It’s that easy. I send you a Storm alert email when it’s time to buy.

Then, I send you one when it’s time to sell.

There’s no way I’d recommend Red Hot Storm Trader to a large audience and show people how profitable my Storm strategy can be if I wasn’t confident it was 100% confident in my strategy.

There are no bugs.

There are no tricks.

Become a member today!

My Storm system could help you
get rich sooner than you ever
thought possible!

In fact, even though I focus on constant, consistent growth and have a 70% win rate…

The Storm system also gives you a shot at huge, king-making gains.

I’m always on the lookout for fast moving, smash and grab gains like these…

Then, I use the Storm results to shoot out specific, step-by-step recommendations to my elite group – Which can now include YOU!

And that’s exactly why I’m so excited to offer you a risk-free membership of Red Hot Storm Trader today

Storm helps me look for big moves BEFORE they happen…

Remember – Five minutes of “work” a week. That’s all it takes.

And your life could be completely different. You could be living the “retired life.”

So what are you waiting for?

Storm is ready.

You can come “inside the circle” today and get my next alert in the next few days.

In fact, you can start receiving Storm profit alerts from my Red Hot StormTrader headquarters 100% risk free…

I’ll tell you how to get started in just a minute, but first…

Here’s EVERYTHING you get when you start your 100% risk-free membership today…

FLASH BUY / SELL Storm Email and SMS Alerts.

If I think it’s time to get in on a play, or time to cash out gains; I send you a fast SMS – And an email with all the critical details.

You can read these flash alert emails and act in five minutes or less. It’s that easy.

But I must warn you. If you’re a slow-mover, if you’re not ready for fast-paced trading recommendations, Red Hot Storm Trader might not be for you.

I can only encourage new members into my elite circle who are ready to move quickly. That’s how you bag frequent wins over and over… By always being ready to act!

The FLASH ALERTS have a yearly value of at least R4,000.

Weekly Market Wrap-Ups.

Every week, I give you a full report of what my Storm analysis sees for the coming week.

I re-cap the current week and review all our open model portfolio positions. You’re never in the dark. These wrap-ups keep you in the know.

The WEEKLY MARKET WRAP UPS have a yearly value of at least R2,500.

But that’s not all you get, I’ll also send you my full Trading Resource Library.

For FREE. No strings attached. This exclusive library is my “welcome” gift to you.

  Yes! I want to profit from trading!

Now, here’s everything you get in your 100% FREE Trading Resource Library:

Red Hot Storm Trader: The Secrets of Successful Trading.

This e-book contains all my best, personal trading tricks and tips learned though my years as a professional trader.

I do all the work for you, and your weekly email alerts keep you in front of the gains, but this report shows you how the biggest gains are booked!

A R1,500 value – You get it FREE.

Red Hot Storm Trader Quick Start Guide.  

In this quick, easy guide I outline all the steps you’ll need to take to start profiting right now.

A R500 value – You get it for FREE

Limit Your Risk Calculator

My unique Limit Your Risk Calculator will help you set a sensible stop loss and size your trade position – so you always stand to make more than you lose.

R1,000 value – You get it FREE!

Red Hot Storm Trader’s Best Brokers Black Book.

If you’re looking for an internet or ‘live’ broker to give you the level of service you need at a good price – check out this report.

It’s a great resource to help you begin your search.

A R500 value – You get it FREE.

That’s R3,500 just in FREE reports. But that’s still not all the wealth building potential you get…

FREE Online Trading Webinars for Members Only!

As a special bonus for new Red Hot Storm Trader members, I host an action-packed online trading Webinar three times a year that you can attend FREE of charge.

At these live online webinars, you’ll learn the little-known master strategies and tricks of the trade for winning regularly and winning BIG.

At these online events, I reveal my up-to-the-minute insights and analysis on what’s happening in the markets – and the impact these events may have on our trades
You also get the opportunity to ask me any questions you have – Live.

QUARTERLY LIVE WEBINARS have a yearly value of at least R4,000.

In total, a year of Red Hot Storm Trader comes to a R6,500 market value just for the profit alerts and weekly wrap-ups.

Then add in R3,500 in free reports...

And the market value of a full year’s access to my winning Storm plays jumps to R10,000.

And that doesn’t even cover the quarterly live webinars…

Add in another R4,000 and the full value of Red Hot Storm Trader is closer to R14,000.

But I want as many people as possible to benefit from my Storm strategy.

That’s why I’ve negotiated with my publisher to cut the cost of my service dramatically - to just R3,700 for a full year of my services.

That’s just R925 per quarter.

That’s a discount of over 73% off the estimated total value for a full year.

However this is a limited-time deal. I can only let so many people in, 79 maximum at this price.

If too many people are acting on my unique Storm plays, my publisher will close this offer. Maybe forever.

R3,700 broken down evenly among 52 weeks in a year comes out to R71.15 a week for a year of Red Hot Storm Trader.

That’s about the cost of a pizza…

Plus, reply today, and it’s 100% risk–free.

You have 90 full days to test me out. Test out my Storm recommendations.

Read the reports. Follow the model portfolios as it grows.

And see how you can do.

If you’re not 100% satisfied, call my customer support staff and cancel your membership.

I’ll give you your entire membership fee back. You can even keep your reports. We can part as friends.

The Storm profits my elite circle are claiming provides the proof.

This works.

My Storm plays could be a fast way for you to build your retirement wealth quickly.

And maybe even set yourself up for a fast, posh retirement!

It takes three minutes of “work” each week.

This could change your life. And it all starts with my next alert this week.

Put my winning Storm recommendations to work for your future right now.

My next email could hit your inbox tomorrow morning. Don’t miss it… Your profit opportunity starts then!

And remember, with my risk-free membership to you, you have 90 days to test out Storm’s wealth–building power!

If you’re not happy, just call and you get a full refund of your subscription price back.

R3,700 for a full year might not last long…

This could be your ONE and ONLY chance to lock down a risk-free year of Red Hot Storm Trader for just R3,700.

Don’t let this one chance slip by.
And always remember, “Wisdom yields wealth”.

Timon Rossolimos
Editor, Red Hot Storm Trader

PS. Remember: You have nothing to lose. If you don’t see fast, repeatable gains in the first three months, you can simply cancel and I’ll refund you every cent of your membership fees

  Yes! I want to profit from trading!


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